Hi all!

Can’t believe it’s been almost another month since my last post but I’ve been enjoying the summer and trying to take advantage of every free moment to be outside and away from the computer. That being said I’m still addicted to Instagram and so here is another round of photos from the last few weeks in no particular order. All were taken by me except the one in the vintage dress with the cat in the background that David took last night for our date to go to our friend Myra Flynn‘s cd release party. You may recognize the dress from this post back in March when I picked it up at my friend’s shop. The picture of me wearing a feather fascinator was taken at her shop The Clothing Line. I didn’t buy it but I’m thinking of going back and seeing if it’s still there. It’s so pretty! Also from her story is the vintage tulip skirt that I took a picture of in the mirror. High waist-ed in and so cute. Thanks Heather!

Well I have the day off and going to take advantage of the beautiful weather before heading out to meet the ladies tonight for a hen party! Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Littlest

p.s. I wanted to share this amazing giveaway at Une Vie Geniale (a favorite blog of mine!) for Vintage Urban Renewel. They have amazing things and the giveaway is for $25.00 so go check it out!