Hey everyone!
Well we made it back from tour Monday and my computer stopped working right before I left but now seems ok. I think something is up with the battery so I should probably get it checked out however here is a quick post. We had a great time on tour and I can’t wait to do a few updates over the weekend but for now I’m going to leave you some videos of some of the songs we played at San Francisco Popfest. This was a great night and I had blast. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much seeing along on stage but I can’t help it sometimes. Our friend Claude Cardenas shot the videos and did an awesome job. I love that he shot in black and white. You can watch all four videos online here too. Well I’m off to spend time with my mother , sister and niece who was born a month ago! Have a great day and check back for more post about tour this weekend. Also if you’re local we have a great show Sunday night at Monkey House in Winooski with Diamond Tiger and Shepherd’s Pie. We’ll be opening the night so come early! xoxo, Littlest


  1. Thanks! I have been taking a break from blogging since my computer stopped working but hope to update again soon.

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